“Smile, have sex, eat well & go outdoors…”






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I have been feeling at the top of my life for at least 40 years now, and I believe people around me perceive how positive I am. I hope people see me as a loving and fun person. My biggest fear is for me or even my family to lose health. At the same time I feel that worrying too much is just a waste of energy. So in those moments of fear I choose to do things that I love, like running to just be in a better mood again. Just run and forget your fears! I’m passionate about my job as much as I am about sports. I started running at 40 and realised that marathons were not “enough” and I was better at long distances. I am an ultra runner and have been on the Marathon des Sables: 250 km through the desert with 13 kg on my shoulders, sleeping on the cold floor at night and running again at 50 degrees during the day. Then I’ve been on the Everest marathon, the highest on earth, where I won my age group. What I love about it is that you get pushed so much to your limits and discover new things about yourself. Even though you are in a race against others everyone is acting as a team because in the end you are all tired, hungry and in pain. You are in a same boat. There is no poor or rich or cool or pretty anymore. We all become the same and you start to care. When you get back home after 2/3 weeks without a shower you appreciate the things around you that we often sadly take for granted. My biggest strength in all that is that I am naturally optimistic and full of energy. You have in your brain what you put in your brain! So every morning I’m convinced that my day ahead is going to be a good one.

Here is what I do when it comes to my beauty routine and when I’m not running the Everest:

1. I regularly exfoliate under the shower, the hardcore way!
2. I generously cream my whole body.
3. I apply a touch of baby oil to my hair if it’s too dry or I just washed it.
4. I always carry a black pencil and a concealer everywhere I go.
5. Before going to bed, I use a gel to make my lashes stronger.
6. I bleach my teeth every 6 months and only drink coffee with a straw to keep them white.

My recommendation to all women out there?

Smile, have sex (only if you like it of course), eat well & go outdoors!”

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